Character for sales
Info: To sell a character go to NPC CharChanger (in tp with game, Test hit etc.) and talk him.
  - will exchange your character for an item that you can trade
  - each offer will appear on this page. (you can additionally provide contact / information about you! [10-100 chars])
  - after changing your character, you cannot log in to it and remove it from your account until it is added to account
  - can add a character to the account at the same npc (put the card in the ammo slot) by writing: hi > buy > add
  * WARNING! the buyer must have an account over 7 days to add a character to account for free, or add from free PACC days! (when makes account)

Warning: Please be advised that exchanges otherwise expose us to the risk of losing account / character!

  Offert (to sell)
  Contact / Information